ft001: sundrips "basejumping at cliff clavin" c20 (sold out)
ft002: sundrips "hidden dimensions" c34 (sold out)
ft003: sundrips "star masters live" 3" cd-r (sold out)
ft004: video diaries "carryin' on" c65 (sold out)
ft005: sundrips "diffuse contours" c22 (sold out)
ft006: sundrips & ophivchvs "satellites of the elders" c82 (sold out)
ft007: sundrips "arrays" c34 (sold out)
ft008: cloudland ballroom & sundrips split c40 (sold out)
ft009: aphid palisades c34 (sold out)
ft010: 56k "calls in the night" (sold out)
ft011: thoughts on air / trailing split (sold out)
ft012: tobin's spirit guide "homesick" (sold out)
ft016: élément kuddua "flight ii"
ft017: sundrips "the shapes of the corridors"
ft018: event cloak "physical computing"
ft019: trailing "stingray / from the top of the stairs [pt 1 & 2]"