Wednesday, October 26, 2011

fadeaway tapes october 2011

ft013 belarisk c35 sold out
focused electronic compositions from lee tindall (zerfallt, 1/2 of mutation in the gryd). a document which surveys the desolate terrain and engages its space in an almost alarmingly steady and clear manner. (edition of 100; pro-dubbed, pro-printed)

ft013 belarisk by sundrips

ft014 pierrot lunaire "lantern floating vessel" c28
these diverse and discrete pieces of free saxophone shapes, soft tones, disembodied voices and amplified atmospherics suggest an alluring unifying logic. and what is sought with this logic is a sort of ascent. (edition of 100; pro-dubbed, pro-printed)

ft014 pierrot lunaire "lantern floating vessel" by sundrips

pierrot lunaire "lantern floating vessel"

ft015 sundrips "phased out" c32
synth and guitar swirls set adrift amidst reflective surfaces. two side-long improvisations and one short "bonus" track. the first sundrips session from 2011 to be released. (edition of 100; pro-dubbed, pro-printed)

ft015 - sundrips "phased out" by sundrips

sundrips "phased out"

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