Monday, May 3, 2010

First batch of tapes now available

$6ppd each for canada and the u.s., a bit more for the rest of the world. hit us up at to order:

Sundrips "Basejumping At Cliff Clavin" c20 (FT001)

hit single + other drift gems. short and sweet, nice mix of burners and laid back sounds.

Sundrips "Hidden Dimensions" c34 (FT002)

syrup tunes for the dejected, thick as hell. ferocious a-side followed by patented drips sparkle and arp liftoff after the flip.

Stay tuned for the next batch of Fadeaway Tapes...
FT003 - Sundrips "Star Masters Live" 3" cd-r (live performance at the silver door, dec 2009)
FT004 - Video Diaries "Carryin' On" c?? (sundrips + hobo cubes sign each other's yearbooks, fall 2009)
FT005 - Sundrips "Diffuse Contours" c24 (cloudy pre-flight computations from february 2010)
FT006 - Sundrips feat. ??? "???" c??

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