Saturday, June 23, 2012

fadeaway tapes june 2012

ft024 hakobune cloak of gray c23 sold out
four lush and resonating pieces by takahiro yorifuji, which alternate between slowing shifting layered drones and softly glowing crystalline guitar tones. a warm and inviting sound that encourages meditative states. pro-printed, pro-duplicated, edition of 60.

check tomentosa (u.s.), discriminate (u.s.) and meditations (japan) for availability

ft025 bandicoot trail hocus focus c32
long-distance collaboration between scott johnson (thoughts on air, organ of species) and carter mullin (reedbeds). the details emerge as the controls of the audio filtration system are set to “submerge.” pro-printed, pro-duplicated, edition of 60.

bandicoot trail "hocus focus"

ft026 trailing a silent venture c69
sold out a collection of low fidelity sketches and spontaneous recordings of guitar and effects caught on tape between summer 2010 and spring 2011. a mix of concise loop formations and open-ended pieces. pro-printed, pro-duplicated, edition of 40.

check tomentosa (u.s.) and discriminate (u.s.) for availability


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