Tuesday, August 14, 2012

fadeaway tapes august 2012

ft027 video diaries watercolour experts c32

sharp textures and soft tones fuse and expand to fill the air. the four pieces on “watercolour experts,” the second release from this collaborative unit comprised of members of sundrips and hobo cubes, show the group focusing on the free-flowing, low-gravity sound demonstrated on their 2010 release "carryin' on". improvised and recorded to tape, december 2010. pro-duplicated, edition of 50.

video diaries "watercolour experts"

ft028 coventry music national psychedelic c39

a seemingly endless array of sounds creates a warm density that is hallucinatory but never stifling. sean gadoury and scott johnson present listeners with repetitions to be traced and premonitions to be construed before the whirlwind vanishes into the low fidelity haze. bass, voice and occasional rhythms congeal with vibrating electronics to guide one inward. pro-duplicated, edition of 50.

coventry music "national psychedelic"

a number of previous fadeaway tapes releases are still available, as are recent releases on other labels (event cloak and trailing on tranquility tapes, dozens on sicsic). the "available" page will soon be updated to reflect current availability, but in the meantime, feel free to inquire via email.



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