Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"through obversion" (digitalis ltd. #146) & more...!

if you missed it elsewhere, we now have copies of our digitalis ltd. tape "through obversion". here's what digitalis had to say:

"i've been to canada many times. hell, half of my family still lives up there and i can tell you one thing it isn't: tropical. sorry brothers & sisters in the great white north, that's just not how it flies. well, sundrips would beg to differ it seems. this montreal-based duo craft hypnotic song structures that will heat you up even during the depths of those canadian winters.

armed mainly with a synthesizer and guitar, sundrips are doing a fine job of carving out their own space amongst the cosmos. "through obversion" is filled with four concise rainbow shots toward oblivion. accented with droning vocals and various tape loops, these songs are like statues to the sun gods. dreamlike arpeggios and heavily-delayed guitar notes wind together tightening around your skull. in the end you're floating somewhere outside the clouds, sucking down as much of the pure, prismatic air as you can. edition of 75, pro-dubbed."

brad at digitalis did an incredible job on the art for this one, grip while you can!

we also have a new jam out on the very excellent sacred phrases label, featuring material from this past winter.

you can grab it here!

stay tuned, new fadeaway batch due in a week or so, and montreal peeps can catch us opening for expo 70 on october 12th at casa del popolo!

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